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Popular tax-smart gifts

Many people are increasingly choosing to give non-cash assets, so they can have a bigger impact at less cost to them.

Explore tax-smart gift options

Learn about gifts that maximize the impact of your support while providing tax benefits for you!

Stocks and securities

Many people love donating stock or mutual funds because it may help them avoid paying capital gains taxes.

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Donor Advised Funds

Easily recommend grants to Salisbury School for tax-efficient giving.

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Qualified Charitable Distributions

Use your IRA to make tax-free gifts that benefit you and our mission.

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Real Estate

Donate real estate to make a lasting impact, unlocking the hidden potential of your property’s value.

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Retained Life Estate

Secure your home’s future through a Retained Life Estate, ensuring support for us while residing in your property.

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Supporting Salisbury; Then, Now, Always

Planned gifts, such as bequests and gifts in wills, are critical to our mission of instilling in our boys a vibrant enthusiasm for learning and the self-confidence needed for intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual development. These gifts provide long-term support, ensuring that we can continue to make a positive impact on Salisbury boys for years to come.

David Barnard ’61’s Story

“I am 81 now (Class of 1961) and more than ever want to help some young fellow afford a Salisbury education like George Langdon did for me back in 1956. We have just returned from an impactful Legacy Weekend at Salisbury: marvelous facility upgrades, new courses, and more hands-on learning. What has not changed is Salisbury’s focus on the faculty-student relationship just as we experienced with the likes of Bob Gardner, Sam Car, Wm Kerr, Barkley Palmer, and Roz and Hop Rudd 62 years ago.

Cynthia and I are now in the last 10K of our lives’ marathons and focusing on what little we can do to help places like Salisbury School keep the lights on (Annual Fund) and build its Endowment with a particular interest in Student Scholarship Aid. Every donation we make has a ‘multiplier effect’ calculation.

Traditional IRA requirements (for those over 70.5 yr.) require us to take a certain amount each year, Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) and pay income tax on that amount. Not only are we paying income tax on this IRA sum, but it may lift us into a higher income tax bracket, too. A Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) gift directly to Salisbury School qualifies as a required IRA distribution but with no income tax expense to the donor. If we are in the 25% income tax bracket, by using a QCD direct gift to Salisbury we are immediately increasing the real value of our gift by 33%. A $10,000 IRA RMD check sent to us requires our holding back $2,500 (25%) for IRS income taxes = a personal check of $7,500 gift to Salisbury. A direct QDC identified gift gives Salisbury the full $10,000 gift (a 33% increase over the $7,500 personal check from us) and does not raise our income taxes that gift year by $2,500. This is why we love gifting using the IRA QCD option.

For each school or college, we have set a personal donation goal and as able each year we use our Traditional IRA-RMD funds through QCD’s to fulfill these goals. Upon death we have provided in our Wills to finish fulfilling these goals, if needed.

For us supporting education is the most powerful ‘multiplier effect’ anywhere. That is where our annual IRA QCD’s go. We love the idea that we are helping lots of young people expand their horizons, rethink their priorities, and venture forth with new confidence. That’s what Salisbury School is trying to do. Great for each student, good for their communities and good for our country.”

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We’re here to help you meet your goals!

Our team would be happy to speak with you in confidence about your giving goals, with no obligation.

Name: Electra Webb Tortorella P'17

Title :Director of Leadership and Planned Giving

Phone: 860-435-5775


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More ways to make an impact

Gifts in a will or trust

Donations in your will or trust are (by far) the most popular type of planned gift. Learn more, or get help starting your will (for free!).

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Beneficiary designations

Gifting assets not covered by your will — like 401(k) or IRA accounts — may help your heirs avoid unwanted taxes, even if you’re below the estate tax threshold.

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Gifts that pay you back

Give assets while providing yourself or others with income for a period of time or distributions at a later date.

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